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Musicians' Jokes

Musicians' JokesThere are jokes about lawyers, about doctors, psychiatrists or golfers, and jokes about blondes. There are tons of jokes. But are there any jokes about musicians? Some say, absolutely not! Everything you say about them is true, no getting around it. Are we really able to make fun of the musician, this very special species of the terrestrial fauna? The complexity of his personality is described best by a simple comparison:

How to impress a womanHow to impress a musician
Compliment her,
cuddle her,
kiss her,
caress her,
love her,
stroke her,
tease her,
comfort her,
protect her,
hug her,
hold her,
spend money on her,
wine & dine her,
buy things for her,
listen to her,
care for her,
stand by her,
support her,
go to the ends of the earth for her.
Show up naked.
Bring beer.

For years the authors tried hard to study musicians all over the planet. Their results and their experiences have been written down in this book “The Best Musicians’ Jokes”. It's the attempt to display to the world who lives among us, as long as there still remains no cure for this unique life form (drum roll, please): the musician.


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Pete York has played with The Spencer Davis Group feat. Steve Winwood (Number One-Hits: "Keep On Running", "Gimme Some Lovin' ", "I'm A Man"), with Hardin & York ("the World's Smallest Big Band"), with Jon Lord ("Rock Meets Classic"), wrote and performed TV-series "Super Drumming" with the cream of the world's drummers (Louie Bellson, Cozy Powell, Ian Paice, Simon Phillips, Gerry Brown, Billy Cobham, Nicko McBrain, Zak Starkey, Dave Mattacks, Bill Bruford, Ed Thigpen, Mark Brzezicki, Steve Ferrone, Jon Hiseman etc.), played Tribute-Concerts to Gene Krupa, George Gershwin and Duke Ellington


Carlo May and Bruno KasselBruno Kassel

About the authors:

Bruno Kassel and Carlo May both living in Cologne/Germany, they are musicians since their early teens. Frightened by the perspective of becoming rich and famous, they decided to switch sides and go for a less dangerous profession. Carlo – a guitar player – was fed up of having his IQ compared to the number of strings on his instrument. He is now a journalist, working for german national radio Deutschlandfunk. Bruno – a drummer – used his collection of broken lightbulbs to build his own darkroom. He is now a photographer and music journalist.

Musicians' Jokes
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